Aerial Inspection, Surveying & Photography

The Future of Inspection

Raptor UAS carry out aerial inspections, surveying and photography using remote operated aerial vehicles. We can undertake any aspect of aerial photography to the highest standards, safely and remotely.

About Us...

Raptor UAS is an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) consultancy and solutions company. The team is comprised of Inspection, Corrosion, Mechanical and Electrical engineers. Which go hand in hand with some of the industries most experienced videographers and drone pilots. We are an experienced group of young bright minds whose goal is to bring our clients the safest and most cost effective dynamic solutions across a broad range of industries.

We offer the most advanced Aerial Inspection Service the UK has to offer. Our commitment to safety and ongoing customer service and monitoring is what sets us apart from the rest.

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Renewable Energy

Raptor UAS provide the solution to carry out safe and cost-effective inspection surveys of an offshore and onshore wind turbine and a solar farm delivering a comprehensive range of inspection techniques including close visual inspection, thermal imaging and LiDAR.

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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We offer visual, thermal, confined space and ultrasonic thickness inspection to offshore facilities as well as onshore petrochemical plants, tank farms and industrial sites. Data collection also allows to provide our clients with an intuitive visualization of their asset.

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Power lines and cables

The upkeep and inspection of power lines and cables are paramount. Raptor can safely provide Ultra HD 4K images without human presence close to overhead high voltage power lines or poles. Our system provides rapid analysis and reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum. Using the highest quality thermal imaging cameras, we can detect, among others, corrosion and breakage of electrical wires. Our electrical engineers can mobilise quickly to assist pilots in evaluating any work scope.

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Critical infrastructure

Raptor UAS drone inspections of dams, bridges, railways and buildings allow the client to access hard to reach areas, minimising the personnel exposure to hazardous environments and dramatically reducing the cost of asset inspections.

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