• Safe


    Reduction of working at heights and confined space entry, enhancing condition monitoring of in service assets.

  • Quick


    UAV surveys carried out in a reduced time scale compared to traditional methods of access.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Multiple scopes in one mobilsation. Collected data used to define maintenance strategy and scope.

  • Data

    Data Reliable

    Permanent record, data available to the Client and 3rd Party.

Aerial Survey

Raptor UAS provide drone based visual inspections of assets. Collected data is then processed by qualified engineers to deliver client precise and relevant information to feed into their asset management system.

Confined Space

Bringing safer inspection practices in the market, Raptor UAS offer no-entry confined space inspections, reducing the exposure of hazardous environments and decreasing the cost.


Drone based thermal surveys provide with live data of an operating asset, allowing to identify any problems or deficiencies and helping owners to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing heat loss.

LIDAR Systems

LiDAR is used to obtain quick and reliable data, including early stage identification of leading edge blade erosion on wind turbines.

Coatings Inspection

Raptor UAS have the capability of performing Dry Film Thickness Measurements, High and Low Voltage Holiday Detection by means of UAV, enhancing condition monitoring surveys and prevention of premature coating failure.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Ultrasonic thickness inspection can now be performed using UAV reducing the need for working at height and confined space entry, offering clients to complete EEMUA 159 and API 653 Tank Inspections by UAV.

Gas Detection

Gas detectors and visual leak detectors are integrated into drone platforms to inspect hazardous environment whilst ensure personnel safety.

3D Visualisation

Never before it has been easier to monitor your asset during its life cycle. Data collection allows to provide our clients with an intuitive visualization of their asset.

Data Processing

Raptor UAS engineers analyze the data collected to categorize and report findings in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.